Founded in 2018, Bright Spot Digital acquired the professional services division of Chief Internet Marketer (www.chiefinternetmarketer.com) a 10 year old web development and digital marketing company. Today Bright Spot Digital is a full service internet marketing agency which focuses on building internet authority. Bright Spot Digital represents a collection of dedicated, diversified, and accomplished professionals. Each professional has more than ten years of experience working with serious companies in producing digital marketing results!

Companies continue to realize that the internet is so important to their success. Opportunities online include growth in market share, product offerings and customer relations, all of which lead to revenue growth and brand recognition. Through Authority Marketing Solutions (AMS), comprehensive consulting services, and the strength of an in-house digital services team, Bright Spot Digital crafts successful courses of action encompassing the entire online marketing landscape. Our client executives rely on Bright Spot to raise their brands, position their companies in front of the right prospects, and most importantly, achieve a measurable results.

Because success in managing all aspects of interactive marketing requires a comprehensive background and understanding, as well as benchmarks to gauge results over time, CIM only creates longstanding, ongoing relationships. We become a significant part of your executive marketing team to ensure future success.

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A common thread is that each client wants to build their brand online, takes the work seriously, and stays engaged. We do not take on Clients that are just looking for a one-time cheap and easy solution as there is not one!

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