Aguiar Plastic Surgery Website

Client Background:

Dr. Joseph W. Aguiar is a board certified plastic surgeon. Over his 15 year career, he has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals on a variety of plastic and reconstructive surgery topics. He has also completed fellowships and educational seminars in plastic surgery, microsurgery, maxillofacial trauma and reconstruction, and rhinoplasty.

The Challenge:

Dr. Aguiar wanted to increase their brand awareness and web presence by creating an SEO plan that focused on reaching a better search audience to increase interest and clients through an email marketing plan that focused on website relevance and usability. They also wanted a design that was not only tailored to their existing clients, but also to attract new ones as well. In their profession, they needed a website that was professional, informative, and easy for their wide range market of clients to navigate, understand and trust. Their content needed to include relevant keywords and phrases that increased their organic search traffic, while still providing pertinent information to their clients and industry.

The CIM Solution:

Design: For Dr. Aguiar, first we redesigned their website through graphic design that contained relevant information and satisfied clients. We also added industry pertinent copy with keywords and phrases that will get them found easier and more quickly by the clients they seek. We took their website to the next level in order to optimize and promote brand awareness with increased website usability.

Social Media: We always recommend Facebook, Twitter, and blogging. Staying updated and ahead shows your customers that you are always looking for new ways to better serve and save them. Adding a newsletter also increases your email members and adds value. Including newsletters or current news listings will increase search relevance and interest.

Email Communication: Defining and targeting your core consumer or member is the first step you need to take. We recommended targeting the company’s current member base by email updates and newsletters in their locations that have already shown interest in the types of information they offer. Conversely, we created email campaigns that targeted potential clients who can add value and increase social networking to the site for all prospective clients and site relevance.

Keyword Rich Copy: Relevant copy that will get you searched organically is what you should aspire to. But the difference between your copy being keyword "rich" and keyword "stuffed" is commonly misunderstood and can raise red flags with search engines as to your relevance to the keywords. Our copywriting provided relevant keywords that helped their website get searched organically by search engines, thereby increasing their traffic, web presence, value and ultimately their sales.

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