Marketing Automation

Creation of programmatic methods to construct a smarter business -- since smarter business builds authority.

Web marketing is online advertising. Modern marketing for modern consumers. Optimizing may bring traffic but is that converting into real time sales.

Although Automated Marketing was once the domain of large companies, modern technological advances now nurture CRM for competitive small business. Modern smart apps can now monitor and track who visits a page even if no online form is completed. -- or turn completed online forms into prospects and leads. Marketing Automation can also monitor activity of page visits: was email or newsletters opened. Or define page visits and specific page content viewed.

Tracking customer habits can also optimize email campaign targets, or more specifically measure what content was viewed. Correctly optimized automation can also determine interest or buying stage to leverage next level of sales cycle or direct to sales staff for follow-up.

Top trends include personalization and data privacy. Become well versed on omnichannel since successful strategies execute multichannel strategies for comprehensive messaging for email, social media, content, and mobile marketing. Each segment optimized for the channel and the consumer: the right message and the right context to the right audience.